Across South Dakota, SD

  • 1

    Across South Dakota, SD

  • 2

    Badlands, SD

  • 3

    Margie's Road, SD

  • 4

    Glennwood Canyon, CO

  • 5

    Salida to Glenwood Springs, CO

  • 6

    Glenwood Springs to Gunnison, CO

  • 7

    Valley of the Gods, UT

  • 8

    Zion National Park to L.A., UT, NV, CA

  • 9

    San Antonio to San Angelo, TX

  • 10

    Hot Springs to Sturgis, SD

Roadways are to Americans as mountains to Tibetans, sand to Bedouins, tundra to Eskimos. Routes have shaped our land, and the land shapes us, so let’s pay attention to what molds us.

(William Least Heat Moon)


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